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Globalization has impacted every walk of life today! When Technology shrank the world, seamless human collaboration was enabled. Subsequently, over the last two decades, we are witness to top-notch tech innovation that managed to disrupt almost every form of templated thinking. Today, while we continue to grapple with topical challenges that are not under our control, we must pause for a moment and thank those great innovators, whose products continue to make our lives better.

Despite all these, don’t we feel a persistent gap in technology-enabled collaboration? The “digital” world has most certainly ushered in community-building. But then, there is something seriously missing. Agree?!

At Cusp Digital, we are making a sincere attempt to help technology bridge definite gaps in digital socializing, increasing relevance in virtual world conversations and connecting geographically distributed individuals connect for a finite cause. We are different. Seriously different!

Semantically Convergent Solutions

At the core of Cusp Digital is an unparalleled & perennial quest for user sentiments. Cusp Digital will soon roll out a series of solutions that will help in semantic convergence using technology!

Empowering Nextgen Netizens to Participate

Cusp Digital will continue to strive hard and empower global netizens with never-before features & functionality with an underlying social context all the way!

Say Cheese! See and Get Seen.

Cusp Digital’s first-of-its kind platform transforms vanila selfies to interactive bios; providing every stakeholder assured excitement, in every session.


Cusp Digital is the outcome of several years of brainstorming by a handful of industry veterans who bet on information technology to solve any challenge facing mankind. The team firmly believes in helping maximize purpose for every netizen who spends valuable time on socializing in the virtual world.

Cusp Digital is Indian and will be Indian, forever! Cusp Digital’s responsive offering will touch the lives of 1.3B people living both in urban as well as rural India. Want to know more?


Reach out and we will be happy to assist in whatever way we can. Use the form to let us know how we can be of service. Our response time is usually within 24 hours during working days.

Our Location


Cusp Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Unit #12, E-Health-TBI, A – Block, Pixel Park,
PES College of Engineering, Electronic city, Bengaluru – 560100.

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